Gayngs Release New Track “Appeayl 2 U”

Gayngs just dropped a new track on their Bandcamp that apparently would have been featured in a live debut today at a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, but due to the social distancing restrictions everywhere they didn’t get to celebrate that Prince 50th Anniversary they had planned. Shucks.

Instead the Bon Iver / Justin Vernon supergroup side project thingy chose to drop a new song that will benefit Voices for Racial Justice. Look at this lineup on the track, btw.

The song features vocals from Naeem Juwan, Dua Saleh, Velvet Negroni, G Star, Sophia Eris, Lady Midnight, booboo, Moise, J Plaza, Greg Grease, Izell and Stefon LeRon.

Music by:

Justin Vernon — synths/guitar
Derrick Lee — piano
Jerry Nutzman — synth
Jake Luck — keys
Le Micheal Lewis — soprano sax
Joe Westerlund — drums
Carmen Camerei — trumpet
Alistair — cello
Jim Anton — bass
Adam Hurlburt — bass
Chris Bierden — bass
Moogstar — synth bass
Psymun — production
BJ Burton — production
Josh Berg — mix

The song was produced by Ryan Olson.