Fyre Festival Merch Will Be Auctioned Off Soon to Help Repay Fraud Debts

The festival-turned-meme known as Fyre Festival still has a few piles of merch sitting around, and it was just confirmed from the United States Marshals Service that they’ll be auctioning off this stuff and working to pay back some of the reported $26 million that got taken from folks that Billy MacFarland integrated with.

Granted, given the other deliverables we saw at the festival, it could just be a sweatshirt with a piece of bread with cheese on top. Read more at Vulture.

No dates have been announced yet for the auction and we’ll post an update when we see what this stuff actually looks like. Billy MacFarland is now in jail. As you know now, Fyre Festival has become a sign of a cultural over-indulgence and a few documentaries were released detailing the story of the massive fraud that unfolded live over social media back in 2017.