Although I won’t be there, Rock at the Subterranean would be a damn safe bet for a reasonable New Year’s Eve. There’s actually a lot of really good stuff going in the city and it’s worth detailing in its own post (mental note: write more later)…

It all starts where is begins. Future Rock will be performing New Year’s Eve at home in , at Subterranean, the very venue we set on fire in early February. We’ve performed 50 shows this year, made many new friends and played in many new markets. We’ll be teaming-up ringing in the New Year; and this one figures to be quite the raging party. Admission is $70, which includes a top-shelf open-bar from 9:30pm – 1:30… and the show will continue until 2:30. Keep your eyes and ears open, as we’ll be pulling out all the stops for this one. We suggest you buy your in advance.
Click here to purchase tickets.

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