We are finally inside your fuego. has officially announced their twelfth studio album as FUEGO along it’s street date (June 24th) and the first single, “Waiting All Night” via NPR. Listen to it below:

"Waiting All Night" - From 's New Studio Album 'Fuego'

The album is especially interesting because a little sleuthing shows the artwork belonging to famed artist Paco Pomet of Granada, Spain. Check out some of Pomet’s other work here.

phish fuego cover

that we finally have a kangfirmed title, the focus turns to the track list and what decided to include on Fuego and perhaps more importantly what they decided to drop from their performance of .

Fuego Track Listing:

1. Fuego (9:15)
2. The Line (5:21)
3. Devotion To A Dream (5:47)
4. Halfway To The Moon (6:34)
5. Winterqueen (4:21)
6. Sing Monica (3:13)
7. 555 (5:41)
8. Waiting All Night (4:58)
9. Wombat (3:18)
10. (6:05)

“Winterqueen” originally debuted as “Glacier” at the Higher Ground show in October 2011. “Monica” is called “Sing Monica” and Page’s “Halfway to the Moon” made the cut as Trey remarked it would the day after last year.

The underwhelming songs which were dropped from the original Wingsuit performance: “Snow” and “Amidst The Peals of Laughter.” The final song played during the Wingsuit set, “You Never Know”, was also dropped, which I happen to like. Maybe some of these will show up on a bonus disc with “Steam” as well.

Finally, the album was produced by Bob Ezrin and mastered by Bob Ludwig for the audiphiles in the room.

Look for an official announcement from Phish, later this afternoon!

UPDATE: Phish.com has been updated with pre-order information and more details on the album. The band will perform on Late Night with David Letterman on June 24th, the day the album is released.

In addition to CD and digital, Fuego will be released as a limited first pressing Orange Vinyl set (two 180 gram discs, packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve to keep your discs warm).

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