It appears that some fans just really don’t get it. Truth is, anyone that would do the following is NOT a fan. We don’t need you at the shows–hell, we don’t need you in the scene, period. Please stay home next time.

From the moe. road diary…

Stolen Stuff Alert!

This is a letter about some goods that were stolen. Give it a read and let yer conscience be yer guide.


Continued below…

Help us help our friends!

In the wee hours of November 13, ten autographed Down on the Farm Festival posters and an autographed original painting of Warren Haynes were stolen from the Tobacco Barn/Artist Hospitality Area at the Down on the Farm Festival in Qunicy, Florida.

The ten posters were signed by all of musicians who participated in the festival, and the proceeds were to be donated to Habitat for Humanity’s Hurricane Katrina relief fund and to a children’s musical education charity.

The autographed painting of Warren was a special engagement gift from a young man to his new fiance (he had just proposed to her at the festival). He had the painting specially commissioned for the occasion.

We are all saddened by the theft of these special items. We in the jam band community have always considered ourselves one big happy family. It’s a shame that someone in our midst would stoop so low as to steal from such worthy charities and from a young couple celebrating the beginning of their new life together.

If you know the person who stole these items, please encourage him/her to return them to the Down on the Farm Festival staff so they can then be returned to their rightful owners. No questions will be asked. If you are the person who stole these items, we hope that your conscience convinces you to right this wrong.

The items should be sent to:
Down of the Farm Staff
Spanish Moss Farm
1300 Ball Farm Road
Qunicy, FL 32352

Thank you,
The entire jam band community

I’ll attach my name to that “The entire jam band community” phrase considering the fact that this is not stuff that should have been ripped off. You want to take the setlist at the end of the show? Go for it. Don’t steal memorabilia.