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Def Leppard and Journey – Presale!

Honestly, we should round up a crew to take the day-trek to the World Music Theater (now some corporatey name) and check out this concert. I mean, I know someone that would signup in a second for Journey alone, but add Def Leppard, and you’ve got some serious crappy-music power. At any rate, have a happy Friday everyone and expect some cool site maintenance this weekend, including a revisitation to some form of commenting on the site. Word…

The Illinois Entertainer reviews the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show from the Metro this week.

Greg Kot has the lowdown on the Taste of Chicago headliners. Ray Davies (Kinks, headlining), My Morning Jacket and Mike Doughty are playing the July 4 Grant Park celebration. Awesome.

Gomez is going out on tour in May.

The next Monday night NPR Webcast will be Neko Case and Martha Wainwright.

Backyard Tire Fire is playing the Cubs opening day celebration at Goose Island Brewery this morning, starting in one hour, 8:30am. (via their MySpace). Wow, all of a sudden I don’t want to go to work today. =]

Download a couple tracks from the Raconteurs’ new album, Broken Boy Soldiers. Village Indian ran into Jack (White) and Brendan (Benson) the other night and got tongue-tied. He got a hug from Jack, though, so I’d say that makes it all worth it.

Mr. Aquarium Drunkard already has his second podcast up. This dude makes me look lazy. He’s an inspiration to all of us bloggers to remember to stay on our toes. Keep the music flowing. Do a podcast. Post new tracks. All the time. Dude, he’s awesome.

Download live Feist tracks from her Park West show in Chicago recently. On the to-do list…