Friday Links

Village Indian: The Slip @ Mercury Lounge 2/15/06
Unfortunately, I’m going to just miss The Slip on this spring run throughout the states.

An article on cover bands that are in for the sound, not the look.
“Phish stopped at their peak, and they had a huge audience of devoted fans,” said the 37-year-old. “Phish is such a live experience. You really can’t experience Phish by putting on a CD. This is about as close as you can get.”

STS9 just announced a date in London right before Jam in the ‘Dam.

Hit Paris right before that and I think I might actually catch that…

Randy Ray, a friend and patron of Live Music Blog, has entered the blogosphere. Word.

ekoostik hookah is back with some news, namely that John Mullins has rejoined the band back from his days as an original member.
Our first shows with John will be in Jamaica as part of the Jamm in Jamaica festival March 25th to April 1st.. Information about travel and tickets is available at Our first shows stateside will be April 28th-30th at Nelson Ledges’ Blossom Blast, and we are happy to announce that Hookahville will be Memorial Day Weekend at Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center).

Jesse Jarnow has some Phish outtakes from the Round Room sessions up for download (will expire quickly, though). Also, Slack LaLane has some videos from Trey’s sit-in with Phil & Friends at The Blizzard Show ’06. Kane has had some killer tracks for download all week, too.
These will both expire, so help spread the love by reposting to YouSendIt once you get it down…

Glide Magazine reviews the Disco Biscuits show from Feb. 4, 2006 (the night after I caught them).