Friday Links

Ear Farm examines My Morning Jacket’s Dondante.
When I first heard this track, I immediately thought, “Wow, what a kickass way to end an album…”

For all your bluegrass hipsters that aren’t hitting Coachella, there’s always MerleFest in NC on the same weekend.
Not that anyone would actually choose between these festival considering their geography (CA vs. NC), but there’s some solid pickin’ in the 2006 Merle Fest lineup, including Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Nickel Creek, John Prince, Bob Weir & Doc Watson…

brooklynvegan has some great shots of Sigur Ros at the Theater at Madison Square Garden from last night.
$50 Billy Joel t-shirts just a stones throw away…

iGIF has shots from the Sigur Ros show on Wednesday night in Boston.

Download some classic (2001) JoJo Herman mp3’s from AD.
This guy posts more music than I can keep up with, and he’s just one music blogger.

Glide Magazine lists their Top 10 Artists to watch in 2006.

Download U2 and Mary J. Blige doing “One” at the Grammys.