– January 24, 2019 – In 1976,  played four historic sold-out concerts at  in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. These thrilling shows – described by band member Ruth Underwood as “theatrical, outrageous and raucously , but also filled startling and gorgeous , dating from Frank’s 1960s output to literally the moment the curtain went up”— served as the source material for the double album Zappa In New York which was constructed from the best-played performances overdubs later recorded in the studio. Originally slated for release in 1977, the album was delayed for a year due to record label censorship , mostly over the controversial song “Punky’s Whips,” and finally released in 1978. One of Zappa’s most beloved collections of songs, the classic album included a sensational version of “Sofa” alongside nine new compositions, including the complex percussion-based piece “The Black Page,” which has become infamous in the drum community as the ultimate challenge, the Devilish comedic sendup “T***** & ,” and the notorious aforementioned “Punky’s Whips” about Punky Meadows, the flamboyant guitarist for Angel.

In of its eventual release in 1978, Zappa In  will be released on March 29 via Zappa Records/UMeas a suite of expanded anniversary editions to commemorate the album’s recent 40th anniversary. Overseen by the Zappa Family  and produced by  and Vaultmeister Joe Travers, the expanded versions will be available as a 5CD box set, 3 on 180-gram audiophile grade vinyl and digitally. The 5-disc collection, which will be housed in a limited- metal tin shaped like a street manhole and includes a replica ticket from one of the shows, consists of the main album in its original mix, newly remastered by Bob Ludwig in 2018 and available for the first time since its debut. The four additional discs are loaded with relevant Vault nuggets and more than three hours of unreleased live performances from the Palladium concerts, representing every composition played during the concerts and the best alternate performances of every tune Zappa picked for the original album, all newly mixed in 2018. To achieve the highest-level sound quality, the audio team went back to the original two-inch 24-track multi-track master tapes and transferred every reel at 96kHz 24-bit wavs.

The Zappa In  40th anniversary editions are available for pre-order and all digital pre-orders will receive an instant grat download of the unreleased rarity “The Purple Lagoon/Any Kind of Pain.” Recorded on the first night of the four-night stand, the track features Zappa performing the chorus of the song “Any Kind of Pain” in the middle of “The Purple Lagoon.” What makes this so significant is that nobody knew this existed or that Zappa had the idea for this song more than a decade before it was released in 1988 on the live album Broadway The Hard Way until the Zappa Family archived the tapes and made the fascinating discovery. More proof that Zappa was creating at an unmatched pace and always thinking years ahead. Pre-order Zappa In New York 40th anniversary https://ume.lnk.to/ZappaInNewYork40

“We are excited to bring you this new Deluxe version of Zappa in New York: an opportunity to re-examine and celebrate the source material of a great album while exploring the events of Frank’s life in late December 1976, Collections like these really show of the work ethic of a musical genius,” exclaims the Zappa Family Trust in the album notes.

Zappa In New York includes expanded packaging which features previously unseen live photos by Gail Zappa alongside extensive liner notes by band members Ruth Underwood and Ray White (who were part of Zappa’s band for these shows) as well as an insightful essay by Joe Travers with Australian writer Jen Brown. Underwood also contributes a solo piano version of “The Black Page” that has been newly recorded for this special edition. “‘The Black Page’ has proven to be one of ’s most intriguing and enduring compositions. It is performed in many kinds of all over the world. It is taught and studied in schools. Perhaps most exciting is that it is adaptable and lends itself to a variety of orchestrations and re-workings, as FZ himself demonstrated. I proud that after forty years, mine is finally among them. It is my love letter to Frank and Gail,” Underwood writes in the liners.

The 3 set, pressed at Pallas in Germany, features all- mastering of the original album mix, unavailable since first issued. Plus, an additional of select bonus content from The Vault. The digital release marks the debut of the original mix.
Photo by Gail Zappa

Zappa In New York capped off a terrific year for the ever-prolific and always-moving musician which included shows around the globe including his second Australian tour and one and only Japanese jaunt, the release of his album Zoot Allures and Grand Funk Railroad’s record Good Singin’ Good Playin, which he produced, a string of shows and a performance on “” which ended up having a profound impact on shows. Following an on- collaboration with ’s announcer Don Pardo and the show’s house band, Zappa invited them to be a part of the shows after three of the horn players so loved playing with Zappa that they asked if they could be involved. As Travers and Brown write in the illuminating liner notes: “Out of nowhere, the concept of adapting horns to the scheduled concerts became a reality. Frank was immediately swept up in the pleasure and challenge of writing and arranging parts for the existing material.”

The collection showcases some of Zappa’s most masterful guitar playing and electrifying arrangements as he leads an exceptional band featuring Ray White on vocals and guitar, Terry Bozzio on drums and vocals, Eddie Jobson on keyboard, Ruth Underwood on percussion and synthesizer, Patrick O’Hearn on bass and vocals and David Samuels on timpani and . Don Pardo provided “sophisticated narration” and the brass section, featuring jazz duo the BreckerBrothers with Randy Brecker on trumpet and Michael Brecker on tenor saxophone, was rounded out by the players: Lou Marini on alto sax, Ronnie Cuber on baritone sax and Tom Malone on trombone.



1. T***** &

2. I Promise Not To **** In Your

3. Big Leg Emma

4. Sofa

5. Manx Needs

6. The Black Page Drum Solo/Black Page #1

7. Black Page #2

8. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?

9. The Enema Bandit

10. The Purple Lagoon



1. “The Most Important Musical Event Of 1976”

2. En Regalia

3. The Torture Never Stops

4. The Black Page #2

5. Punky’s Whips Intro

6. Punky’s Whips

7. I Promise Not To **** In Your

8. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?

9. The Enema Bandit

10. “Two For The Price Of One”

11. P**** Dimension

12. Montana



1. America Drinks

2. “Irate Phone Calls”

3. Sofa #2

4. “The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For”

5. I’m The Slime

6. Pound For A Brown

7. Terry’s Solo

8. The Black Page Drum Solo/Black Page #1

9. Big Leg Emma

10. “Jazz Buffs and Buff-etts”

11. The Purple Lagoon

12. Find Her Finer

13. The Origin Of Manx

14. Manx Needs

15. Chrissy Puked Twice

16. Cruisin’ For Burgers



1. The Purple Lagoon/Any Kind Of Pain

2. “The Greatest New Undiscovered Group In America”

3. Black Napkins

4. Dinah-Moe Humm

5. Finale



1. The Black Page #2 (Piano Version)

2. I Promise Not To **** In Your Mouth (Alternate Version)

3. Chrissy Puked Twice

4. Cruisin’ For Burgers (1977 Mix)

5. Black Napkins

6. Punky’s Whips (Unused Version)

7. The Black Page #1 (Piano Version)



LP 1 / Side 1 – Original Album Mix Remastered

1. T***** & Beer

2. I Promise Not To **** In Your Mouth

3. Big Leg Emma


LP 1 / Side 2 – Original Album

1. Sofa

2. Manx Needs Women

3. The Black Page Drum Solo/Black Page #1

4. Black Page #2


LP 2 / Side 3 – Original Album

1. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?

2. The Illinois Enema Bandit


LP 2 / Side 4 – Original Album

1. The Purple Lagoon


LP 3 / Side 1 – Bonus Vault Content

1. Black Napkins

2. Cruisin’ For Burgers (1977 Mix)


LP 3 / Side 2 – Bonus Vault Content

1. The Black Page #2 (Piano Version)

2. I Promise Not To **** In Your Mouth (Alternate Version)

3. Punky’s Whips (Unused Version)

4. The Black Page #1 (Piano Version)




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