Forward Music Fest Update

I wrote to FMF organizer and Dane101 editor Jesse Russell for some comments on the slew of updates coming from Madison in anticipation of the September music festival. He seemed pleased. The tickets are selling out quickly, Killdozer is still on board and the local music scene seems to be rallying around the fest. He also mentioned that at first they knocked on more doors than were opened, but now that momentum is building, there is a ton of interest and many acts that will have to wait until next year. So, about those updates…

SEPT 19 & 20

also scheduled to perform…Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Blueheels, Star Fucking Hipsters, Monotonix, Pale Young Gentlemen, Decibully, Headlights, High Places, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Stars Like Fleas, Box Social, Scared of Chaka, John Statz, Josh Harty, Jeremiah Nelson, PWRFL Power, Nick Jaina, the Dials, Bongzilla, Droids Attack, A Catapult Western, Helliphant, Brutal Knights, Dick the Bruiser, Heroin Sheiks, the Gomers, Grampall Jookabox, Crane Your Swan Neck, Riddle of Steel, Things Fall Apart, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons, Vid Libert, Nan Warshaw (co-owner of Bloodshot Records) DJing as Stand By Your Nan, Aleks and the Drummer, His and Her Vanities, and Red Romero.

…more artists and a full schedule TBA!

Early bird tickets are on sale now. Buy a General Admission Wristband for only $25 or upgrade to a VIP Badge which guarantees admssion to a show of your choice for only $10 more.

That’s the official update from the FMF website. There are still more acts to be announced, but from the look of this schedule, the people of Madison and its surrounding areas are in for a damn good time. Monotonix, Pale Young Gentlemen, High Places, A Catapult Western and Vid Libert are immediate highlights, but there are so many that can satisfy whatever fetish you have that the ticket is worth the admission.

Monotonix Live in Tennessee [YouTube]

Given the number of local artists on the bill, I asked Russell what we could expect from the local scene during the festival. He started with a noble sentiment: “Our main goal has always been to highlight Madison’s thriving music scene and help move it forward.” So it should be fun to see the local songwriters busking to the Neko Case line at the Orpheum and it is great that of the nearly 60 bands performing over the two days, more than 25 are Madison acts. “On top of that,” Russell added, “more than 20 of the remaining acts are from or affiliated with the Midwestern region.”

Untitled from purnell on Vimeo.

Neko Case [Vimeo]

Always the respectful organizer, Russell refused to choose a favorite local performance, but noted that Crane Your Swan Neck is “definitely one of our finest,” The Box Social will be doing a special acoustic set opening for Bob Mould and Droids Attack will feature a robot on stage. All wonderful choices obviously, but what about those who just want to see the headliners, the big names? They planned for that, too.

Pictures from a concert with A Catapult Western and Crane Your Swan Neck at The Project Lodge in Madison.

“We worked very hard on the schedule to make sure like minded music fans wouldn’t be overly torn with who they will be going to see. For example, if all goes according to plan on Friday someone should feasibly be able to see Bob Mould at the Majestic, then Neko Case at the Orpheum, and still have time to finish the night with Dex Romweber Duo and The Detroit Cobras at the High Noon.”

Breaking into the World of Spirit: A short film about Dex Romweber Duo [YouTube]

That seems pretty easy and the chance to ramble around Madison in the beautiful fall weather is already beckoning my cashmere. Then there is Killdozer. They are a Madison phenomenon, with many fans across the nation, but I did not know they were “legendary.” Well, Russell thinks so, as does Bongzilla, the other “retired” Madison band that is reuniting to support Killdozer’s reunion. Bongzilla followed by Killdozer. My spell check is freaking out and so should you. Get to Madison in September, but show up with a ticket because Russell warns, “I expect Killdozer to be sold out by the end of this month, if not by the end of next week. I think we have about 40 left as of this writing. After that it is a luck of the draw in regards to getting in.”

Killdozer at Touch and Go 25th Anniversary [YouTube]

Don’t leave it to luck, buy your tickets at their website.