Flying Lotus & Brainfeeder Announce Mixcloud Live Stream

Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder have announced a livestream extravaganza this weekend via Mixcloud Live.

On Saturday, November 28th, FlyLo will be joined by Brandon Coleman, Teebs, and Salami Rose Joe Louis for an audio/visual affair that you can buy tickets here now.

He’s got a few samples up on his social on what the stream may look like. Check these out below:

Expect the unexpected as he comes together with longtime visual collaborators Timeboy and Strangeloop – well known for their work developing Flying Lotus’ mind-bending LAYER3 and Hypercube visual show – to deliver a spectacle traversing the cosmos all the way to the astral plane, touching upon places out of reach to the modern, humble human.

Here’s when you can catch the performance:

Broadcast #1 (Tokyo): 9pm JST / Noon GMT / 7am ET / 4am PT
Broadcast #2 (London): 9pm GMT / 4pm ET / 1pm PT / 6am JST*
Broadcast #3 (L.A.): 8pm PT / 11pm ET / 4am GMT* / 1pm JST*
*next day, 29th Nov