Flume Teases a 2019 Return in Instagram Post

Australian EDM phenom Flume has been relatively quiet as of late, preferring to take some time off after his massive tours following his recent LP, Skin. He did follow that release up with a proper remix and even dropped a Skin Companion EP I which featured a few new tracks and spins on existing ones. So what has he been up to lately?

From the looks of this recent Instagram post below, it seems he’s been enjoying some time off and drinking some vino in the processs. But it does give a clue of what’s really been happening…

In the post he states a cheers and farewell to 2018 and promises to “be back in your life” in 2019, whatever that means. We can only assume he’s got new music brewing up and he seems to know how to really drop some seriously new sounds into the market in ways that so many EDM producers start to lap up and incorporate into their sounds only after they make their way onto a Flume release. The dude continues to inspire hope from my end on what EDM can really be. Can’t wait to see where the new music is going to enter the picture.