Just caught some interesting news on the upcoming Glastonbury Music Festival over in the UK…

They’re giving away eco-friendly toilet paper to patrons, and for some odd reason, they’re announcing this in advance. I read the explanation over at Pollstar, and I still don’t get it.

One of Glastonbury Festival’s latest moves to create a greener festival is to provide every ticket holder with a free, environmentally friendly toilet roll.

So…uhm…wait — why?

About 150,000 will be handed out at the event in a bid to encourage people not to bring their own.

I’d hope any music festival I’m attending would provide their own toilet paper already. I’m all for saving the environment but when it comes to business, who really cares whether the TP you’re using is eco-friendly or not.

You always know to bring you own anyway, because you, the seasoned music festival patron, are smarter than the average patron that shows up with only the clothes on their back. Nobody wants to get stuck in a port-o-potty (or loo as it’s known across the pond) without the proper supplies. The fact that they’re telling patrons not to bring their own should be something you should completely ignore. And that leads us our first, officially-sanctioned music festival tip, courtesy of yours truly.

Festival Tip: Bring your own toilet paper

This is really a no-brainer, folks. Even if you don’t use it for what it was originally intended, you’ll find some way to need it.