Over the last week or so, we’ve been hearing a slew of new about potential new festivals in 2011. Some involve , some , some include both bands, while others sound like they’ll be multi-band events in the traditional style (e.g. , , etc…).

The two most credible are for multi-day events at:

Motor Speedway, July 4th Weekend
Bader Field, a site near , NJ, some time in June

Bands That Jam has been all over the rumor, sources primarily suggesting the event would be for a standard , like 8, IT, Lemonwheel, etc…

Our friends at Hidden Track have been on top of some of the rumors, including the latest for , at a spot outside of town called Bader Field. The Atlantic City Weekly had this from the Mayor:

Langford broke some news at the event, saying that a big-time promoter is working to put on a three-day festival at Bader Field in June. One source says the three days of would feature some of the best bands in the “jam band” genre.

We recently mentioned DMB’s short announcement about doing their own festivals in 2011, so this might match up nicely the newly-proposed spot outside of AC.

And today, bassist Stefan Lassard chimed in with some serious fuel for the fire with a single Tweet asking: “ & or DMB & Phish?”

And if that’s not enough for the rumor mill, we’re also hearing a few other potential sites being floated around for other large, jam-heavy events, including ’s Grant Park as well as in State. So far, we aren’t seeing anything super credible for these last two, but we’ll keep eyes and ears open.

One ’s for sure, combining the Phish and DMB bases might not be the best match-up. From the outside, the DMB and Phish fan bases often get lumped together as the standard, happy-hippy jamband types. But as most of us know, when you dig deeper, there are some key divisions that might not make this combination work all that well. Check out the responses to YEMblog’s informal polling of Phish for one example. The Barn Presents has actually dug even deeper into the divisions with a post on the subject, including a link to this 2009 article from the River Front Times.

It all makes for some fun speculation. Plus, all the message board bickering and twittering amongst the various fan bases kinda makes me want to kick back with some popcorn and watch everyone battle it out. This is going to get silly.

So, who’s got more fuel for this fire?

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