There’s a new site on there in the blog world that might be of interest to the readers of this site — Festival Preview. Not to be confused at all with, a very similar concept site (and yet not at all executed as well as it could have been).

I got a note from the publisher of the site and he’s looking to provide a nice-sized aggregation of all the relevant music festival news, festivals reviews, lineup updates, info, etc. Check it out. Tell us what you think.

Festival Preview

I’ve always wondered how well aggregators do in terms of traffic, especially considering that most of their links are outbound. Anyone know?

Update: I got an email from the MelodyTrip CEO in response to my brief comments above — it’s only fair to him that I republish in it’s entirety…

Hey Justin- I just got an email alert linking to your post. I guess I should thank you for posting a link to MelodyTrip, at least if I am subscribing to the theory that any publicity is good publicity!

Keep in mind that the site is just in its infancy, we launched it right when the festival season started last year, and we will making some major upgrades before things heat up this year in March when the US festival season really kicks off with Langerado.

Actually we just went live with two of the upgrades. We launched 7 genre-related sections, here are the links to the Jazz and Rock ones

We also have improved the community interface so bloggers can easily add photos, videos etc… It will take a while to see the fruits of this, as it just went live.

Our team of bloggers nationwide should now have a better platform to report live from hundreds of festivals starting in March! A lot more will be coming in the next few weeks.

I know you have been at it a lot longer than us and have made a ton of improvements to Live Music Blog since you launched, and we are planning on doing the same. Hopefully you will keep an open mind as MelodyTrip evolves. We definitely are open to any ideas/suggestions you and your readers have.


I certainly appreciate Matt’s honestly here — believe me, it went a very long way to see that he’s understanding of possible community gripes and they’re actively making changes that we’d want to see. Ears to the train tracks is a solid approach in this web2.0 world…