Festival 8: Over Too Soon

I’m home from Festival 8 and I’m just now starting to digest and consume everything that went down from the fan’s perspective. The festival was amazing in some seriously impressive ways, and I’ll be working on a full review of everything I saw today when I start my new full-time job. But first, I figured I’d give a nod to the wondrous event that was Halloween with Exile on Main Street by posting a great full video of “Loving Cup,” the song from the album that Phish fans knew the best (myself included).

Phish – “Loving Cup” (live, 10/31/09) [YouTube]

Big thanks to Whitperson for running the show on the site this weekend and thanks to all the visitors for hanging out on LMB. We’ll have plenty more to see from the festival if you’re into that sorta thing. Stay tuned.