Father of Tim Bergling (Avicii) Setting Up Foundation For Preventative Suicide Help

avicii suicide prevention foundation

In the wake of the tragic loss of music producer Avicii in 2018, his father, Klas Bergling, has started a foundation focused on preventing suicides. Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, committed suicide last year at the age of 28.

Avicii’s father discussed the foundation in-depth in an interview with with Radio 1’s Peter Tong at the International Music Summit held in Ibiza this year.

The Tim Bergling Foundation was set up In March of this year and while its main focus is mental illness, it will also encompass issues dear to the deceased music producer.

“We are setting up the foundation to focus preventative work for mental illness and suicide, we are also looking at threatened animals and nature which was Tim’s passion as well as climate,” said Klas Bergling.

He added that the unique nature of his son’s work provided stresses that not everyone is built to handle.

“Life as a DJ and travels where you don’t get any rest between, you travel a lot you sleep less. The pressure is great depending on the individual, some people handle it perfectly, others don’t.”

Avicii’s posthumous album TIM drops next month.