Huge news just dropped on the internets if you’re following the ticketing situation for Fare Thee Well, the Grateful Dead‘s final concerts in Chicago over Fourth of July weekend — your chance to get pre-sale tickets has come and gone. It looks like opening up the concerts to the “classic” pre-sale method of sending in money-orders in the mail led to GDTS TOO getting inundated with over 60,000 envelopes (!!!!) full of people’s hopes and dreams (and needed miracles), and as such, they’ve decided to cancel the rest of the pre-sales. The general public on-sale has been moved back as well.

Here is the info from

Wow! We’re excited (and humbled) to discover that your enthusiasm for Fare Thee Well matches our own! We have received an overwhelming number of mail order ticket requests. In an effort to honor the history and spirit of the Grateful Dead, we are going to try to fill as many of these orders as possible. This means there will be no other pre-sales. In order to give the good folks at GDTS TOO time to sort through the 60,000+ (!) envelopes received so far the new public on sale is Feb 28th @ 10 a.m. CST via Ticketmaster.

Public on sale is Feb 28th @ 10 a.m. CST via Ticketmaster.

Also important for those considering buying tickets, don’t miss this part of the announcement:

All mail order and Dead Online Ticketing purchasers will receive commemorative Fare Thee Well tickets, designed with art selected by Grateful Dead Ticketing from the mail order envelopes submitted by fans.

***No tickets have been released yet. If you attempt to purchase tickets from an online ticket reseller prior to February 12th they are likely to be counterfeit. [www]