fake hangout fest posterThis lineup looks more expensive than your average Glastonbury. If you’re going to make a fake festival poster, you can’t have five headliners (especially when one of them is a Beatle). Real or not, these are always fun to look at. It’s like SIM City for an amateur festival talent buyer.

As of right now, Festival Outlook only has Steve Aoki listed as a confirmed act so not much in the way of reliable confirmations yet. Last year’s lineup was announced a year ago today and the festival announced via Twitter/Facebook this evening that an official announcement is coming next week with a highlight video from last year’s fest.

Hangout Highlight Video ..... Lineup Next Week!

And this one that came after Hangout’s response to the one above is just fantastic. Perhaps an all-hologram lineup in 2013? This is the future after all…

via Inforoo.com

Who do YOU think will be appearing in Gulf Shores this May?

hangout fest

Gogol Bordello at Hangout Fest 2012 - Modmobilian.com

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