Remember, the social networking platform dedicated to live music and sharing show experiences and uploading photos and ticket stubs and whatnot? They’ve announced they’ll be archiving the old platform and moving to something new, so if you were a big fan and a power user, this announcement is probably a bit of a bummer.

They’re pivoting to something else that’s sorta like a social network but this time it’s going to be based around live-streaming. According to their new website design, “FANS is an immersive livestreaming platform changing the way music is created, shared, and experienced, no matter where it finds you.” Okay. That’s new.

Not sure ultimately what this will look like yet, but the sad news for anyone that was using the platform before is that you only have a short amount of time to hop into the archived old platform and download the show data you were amassing. Everyone gets shut off on April 29th.

As for the new product, it looks like tomorrow, Wednesday April 8th, will be everyone’s first chance to see what the new thing looks like. The team will be streaming a full day of programming from veteran jamband moe., including old shows, interviews, extra stuff, etc. They’ll be doing the same thing on Friday, April 10th for Dark Star Orchestra, the Tier 1 veteran Grateful Dead cover band. I’ll probably tune in and see what the fuss is about, but I hope for their sake they’ve created a unique experience that sustains through the new live-streaming gold rush.