I guess is a bit of a primadonna. His set on Friday at was a pretty big deal and he was all set to headline the Auditorium Shores stage that was ready, approved and waiting for him to rock it. That’s not at all how it went down, though…

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Here’s the lowdown from brooklynvegan:

Danzig, complete Danzig, Samhain and Misfits sets, was supposed to play at 8:15pm at last night (11/4). He didn’t finally get on stage until 9:00 which was especially noticeable at the which otherwise runs completely on time. You could tell it wasn’t the fest’s fault too. During the entire 45 minute delay, Danzig’s stagehands were constantly doing random stuff, most notably putting up blue tarps on either side of the stage – a clearly unplanned action that was apparently supposed to make the stage warmer. Around 8:45 a guy came out and started crossing songs off the .

From Rolling Stone…

At 10 p.m., when the promoters were required to enforce the city’s curfew and turned off the equipment, Danzig had only gotten through two Misfits songs, much to the loud disappointment of , many of whom had traveled from many miles away according to comments on and . Danzig encouraged them to riot in protest, but other than some tossed trash, most politely declined.

I would have been into this set for material so this would have been a huge bummer if I was on-hand to see it. Sorry to all those other , too and bummer to the booker who had to go public a sob story instead of actually getting to see “Skulls” like he would have hoped.

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