Update: Superfly is getting us really excited. They’ve announced the dates for Vegoose, and it’s confirmed that it will be Halloween weekend in Las Vegas. Read more here.

The101Report.com has the scoop; Superfly has announced that they will announce information about Vegoose in approximately one month. This makes me happy. In fact, this makes me very happy.

Vegoose Web Site
Superfly Productions

From Billboard.com

Mayers says that Superfly is about a month away from announcing a new event slated for later this year; another source at Superfly confirmed it will be held in Las Vegas. “Sometimes with promoting, things work and sometimes things don’t,” says Mayers. “Bonnaroo built a very grassroots, word of mouth, organic following. With [Zooma] we tried to do the same thing but it didn’t work. We are going to keep trying things.”

Come on Superfly! Give us the news!

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