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The linup for Lollapalooza 2006 has been announced.
Wow. Whether or not we sit here and debate whether 130 bands on eight stages over three days is actually going to be fun, the lineup is beyond impressive. I’ll get a full update up asap.

Green Apple Music Festival finally announced their lineup, and I know that’s old news and all. I had higher hopes for the lineup, I guess, but those are my own expectations. I shouldn’t complain or nothing, though, there’s still some great music in there.

Lotus has announced a decent set of tour dates for the upcoming Spring season.
I’m psyched that I’ll get to catch them at the Schubas show in Chicago; it’s a really nice venue to catch a band.

Go and map your Death Cab for Cutie / Franz Ferdinand tour at

The lineup for Wakarusa has been added to, most notably including STS9…

Catch up with Muzzle of Bees and his hitchhiking adventure after Langerado. Also, he said the guys in the Duo told him they recorded with Trey. That immediately makes me cringe.

zzyzx waxes on the state of the jamband scene, the haters, and everything else.
Note to self: write something on this. Someone remind me…