Epic Fail: Gorge View Now Obstructed by Weather-Proofing Tarp

© Humberto Martinez / seattlepi.com

For music fans arriving at Sasquatch Music Festival yesterday as the festival began, it may have been a huge surprise to see that the owners of the venue had installed a huge black tarp behind the stage now preventing any view through the stage and into the beautiful highpoint of the Gorge in general. Part of the wonder and beauty at this venue now seems to be just a tad bit lost on whatever the reasoning behind it was…

A spokesperson for LiveNation, owners of the Gorge, said the new curtains were part of the new stage installed before this season (Saturday’s was the first show), and were installed for weather proofing.

Suddenly I’m not so worried that Phish didn’t announce any dates there this summer. Not like I wouldn’t go, but you get what I mean. What a stupid move.

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