If you haven’t heard of the sound system and the team working on the project, today’s announcement of new shows featuring from the may finally be the time you perk those ears up. After all, when was the last time you heard one of your favorite albums ever recorded mastered for a 32-speaker surround system array?! I’ll venture to guess you haven’t.

Coming up this February 4th at The Midway in will be an evening of the ’s broadcast through the new Sphere of Sound design that the team says was “inspired by ’s pioneering Wall of Sound from 1974.” The 8pm early show is American Beauty and selected works, and Workingman’s Dead will follow at 10pm, all running through 32-speaker surround.

I first caught this sound system while attending the FORM at Arcosanti, last spring, and it honestly changes the way you feel about music after you get lost in it. It’s an incredible experience for any music fan, so this Sphere of Sound is going to be blowing Deadheads away left and right. All while they sit and silently get absorbed by the sound. This is what the layout will look like.

Head here for for both shows:

Envelop Sound [Twitter]


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