Electric Apricot…What the?

I guess I thought that Ace Cowboy might have even been joking about this until you follow the link right to Les Claypool himself. But this is just getting weird…

If you read the following thread on Phantasy Phish, you’ll begin to understand that this really doesn’t make sense. Can someone please explain Electric Apricot? Is it a joke? Does it rock? Anyone got photos of the lineup? Anyone have a link to download?

Update: from the PT Boards…

It’s not buckethead, the official lineup was posted after I leaked this mis-information I was given by one of the guys that works for Les. Everybody was in costume so there was rumors running rampant that night. This band has been put together for a “spinal tap” like documentary on Jam Bands, but the music they are playing is simple incredible!

Here is the official lineup again…

Les Claypool (Primus) – Drums
Bryan Kehoe (Flying Frog Brigade) – Guitar
Bob C C*** aka Adam Gates aka The Filthy Ape (Holy Mackerel) – Bass
Jonathan Korty (Vinyl) – Keys

And the set list which clocked in over 2 hours long.

burning man
sugar train
unkle pete