It’s 100% comical to me that more sites are not picking up the news on the soon-to-be-named-an-absolute-masterpiece film that you should already know about if you read this site: : Quest for Festeroo. Dive into the archives here.

We’ve got some dates set for the first screenings, specifically at the Tiburon Film on March 15th and the Lonbaugh Film on April 6th. If you’re going or you know someone that is, we really want a review of this. Contact us right away.

The name of movie just points right at the . What major festival do you think he’s spoofing the Festeroo nod (duh)? Oh , the same one that he just signed on for

Hopefully (and seriously hopefully) I’ll get a to see this movie. Any that someone from Les’s camp reads this site and they’d like to send me a screener copy?

From the Prawn Song mailing list…

’s directorial debut “: Quest For Festeroo” will be unveiled for select festival screenings. Written by and staring Les, the movie takes you on a comedic ride Electric Apricot as they navigate the jam scene, making their first record and their debut appearance at the one and only Festeroo.

The movie features jam band legends including the /’s Bob , from and and Matt Abts from Gov’t Mule. There are even comedic cameos from Seth Green, Arj Barker and ’s Matt Stone.

The film will be screened at the Tiburon Film Festival on March 15th and the Lonbaugh Film Festival on April 6th.

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