Electric Apricot Film Coming Soon

Over at the Electric Apricot site, Les Claypool is nearly confirming the rumor that this will indeed be a film.


That’s about all the proof I need. You don’t order your web developer to title a page “Electric Apricot: A Les Claypool Film” unless you mean it.

But, wait! There’s more of the Electric Apricot story that needs to be told…

Straight from the source

Welcome to the magical mystical word of Electric Apricot. Emerging from the womb of the Northern California free music culture of the late 1990’s and landing in the birthing center of the West Coast “Jam scene”, ELECTRIC APRICOT has gone on to become one of the most affable bands of the day. With it’s snappy and sometimes socially pertinent lyrical content and it’s semi-groove oriented psychedelic sound-scapes, ELECTRIC APRICOT presents an aural experience that is uncommon to the average patron of the brew pubs, coffee houses and the occasional Odd Fellows Hall at which the band performs on a regular basis.

Four cosmically essential elements make up the structure of ELECTRIC APRICOT. Those elements being:

“Garcia-esc” guitarist/singer/songwriter-Steve “Gordo” Gordon.

The deep thinking, sometimes brooding bassist/singer/songwriter-Steve Hampton Trouzdale-aka: Aiwas.

Spiritual, ethnic-conscious keyboardist/multiinstrumentalist/singer/songwriter-Herschal Tambor Brillstien.

Happy go lucky, technical marvel drummer/percussionist/singer/songwriter-Lapland “Lapdog” Miclovik.

Founded in 1998, the band was originally titled ELECTRIC KNECTARINE. “Knectarine” being a play on the word nectarine, homage to the ‘p-h’ in “PHISH”, was later changed due to the multitude of people thinking it to be “connector-ine”.

The goal of ELECTRIC APRICOT is simple, “Enlighten the world through music”. With lyrical phrases like “C’mon down with me to Burnin’ Man, I’ve got a recipe for cosmic flan” and “If you ever feel alone, go play Frisbee with your clone. The future will blow your mind”, ELECTRIC APRICOT continues enchanting and enthralling customers of bar rooms and Moose lodges up and down the Barbary Coast.

The history of Electric Apricot is so impressive that it can only be told through film. However, their lineup itself is more impressive than their tumultuous history…

Name: Steve Hampton Trouzdale, aka-Aiwass
Instrument: Bass/lead vocals
Hobbies: Semantics (the study of language), baking, collecting first edition existentialist literature
Turn on’s: Dominatric veganism, puppy breath
Turn off’s: Vente Chai Lattes, Mike Gordon, television (except Carl Sagan’s Cosmos)
Goal in life: To ascend
Influences: Colors, The Golden Dawn, Mike Gordon, Necronomicon

Name: Steven Allan Gordon aka-Gordo
Instrument: Lead guitar/lead vocal
Hobbies: Hydroponic farming, nudism, divination
Turn ON’s: The sound of Jerry’s guitar (especially pre 1975), honey glazed ham
Turn off’s: Yellow vegetables, wheat grass, rap music
Goal in Life: To play Red Rocks Amphitheater while nude, with Phil Lesh
Influences: THC, LSD, DMT, JGB

Name: Lapland Miclovich aka-Lapdog
Instrument: Percussion/lead vocals
Hobbies: Glass blowing, massage, vinegar distilling
Turn on’s: Natural smelling women, bio-diesel turn off’s: Cologne, drum machines, brown bananas
Goal in life: To build and live in an energy self-sufficiant-geodescent dome.
Influences: Underdog, Dave Weckl, Omni Magazine

Name: Other guy (Hershell?) : “COMING SOON”

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