As you’ve noticed, the moment has finally arrived and Live Music Blog Colorado, or LMB CO for super steezy and short, is here to stay. Personally I’ve really been looking forward to this since I started working with LMB last year building the Colorado audience. All of the big news will still be featured on the main page as well as here at LMB CO.

With this site, I’m really excited to tap into all of the interconnected live music scenes that flourish so strongest here in Colorado. This will be a place to showcase all of the latest and greatest that the Denver and Boulder scenes have to offer. Those of us living in Colorado have seen over the years how this state has fostered the growth of once avant-garde and new wav

And all of us at LMB CO are thrilled to be providing the best coverage for these communities. I want to extend a message, or invitation to you all that we are constantly striving to serve the needs of our readers and thus we’re very interested in hearing what you all have to say. Is there something you’d particularly like us to cover? Have any suggestions for LMB CO? Direct all your requests and inquiries to [email protected] and we’ll ensure that we do our best to provide for all of your needs from the site.

-Andrei and LMB CO…