Ed O’Brien have revealed a new single from his upcoming debut album, Earth, a moody rocker that builds and builds to a rocking end called “Olympik” that I’ve been obsessed ever since I heard it . The full album is out on April 17th on Capitol Records.

“Olympik” is anchored by a lockstep groove courtesy of Omar Hakim (Drums) and Nathan East (Bass). Ed’s unmistakable voice and guitars float ethereally atop the mix, additional programming by Flood, Catherine Marks and Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett, percussion and programming by Richie Kennedy, and guitar from David Okumu adding and combining textures to mesmerizing effect.

“Olympik” was written by O’Brien, with co-production credit with Flood and Catherine Marks. The track was engineered by Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett with additional engineering by Richie Kennedy, and it was mixed by Alan Moulder.


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