Ed O’Brien, guitarist for Radiohead, recently dropped a new solo album and got together a band for a big tour before the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak stopped the entire concert industry worldwide.

In a newly published interview segment with Uproxx, the guitarist says he probably has the virus and he’s home in Wales in self-quarantine.

“Well, I’ve got the virus but I’m getting over it,” he said from his home in the UK.

O’Brien, of course, was referencing coronavirus, though he quickly added that he hasn’t been tested, “because you can’t get tested here, unless you’re elderly.” However, the 51-year-old musician said he has been sick for 10 days with flu-like symptoms, and recently lost his sense of smell and taste.

Get well soon, Ed! We were loving the new jams he was kicking out and had hoped to see more where that came from, so glad to hear he’s taking care to not spread the virus around.

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UPDATE: Ed also officially released a statement today. Read it below.