EAR FARM on the Death and Rebirth of Music Blogs

If you’ve ever sat down and thought “I want to write a music blog,” these are sentiments you’ll likely experience along the way of actually getting towards the execution of it.

music blogs are dead, long live music blogs! [EAR FARM ]

We EAR FARMers have always strived to be different and interesting and worthy of your time, but in the process of doing that I fear we’ve lost some of the personality in our posts, and a bit of the wind in our sails. Time and money and life force changes in everything, and the change here at EARF central is simple, and has been afoot for most of this year. I will, however, spell it out for you succinctly right now: OPP and the NYC concert calendar are, and will continue to be, updated daily. Everything else on the site has been slowed to the speed of “will be posted when we feel like it.” It’s not a death of anything, but rather a rebirth and a new way of seeing things. We’re not striving to be the FIRST blog to repost a press release about, say, the new Suckers video, and we’re not going to go nuts trying to report on a show we’ve seen mere hours later, or anything else like that. EAR FARM will continue to tell you about our favorite music in ways we find to be worthy of your time, we’re just going to do it on our terms even more so than we ever have before. Have no fear though, you will like things better this way and so will we.