I had never heard of this before I got this email, so it’s fit to share to the rest of the world also…

Drivl.com is a blogzine that has a lot of varied content, but it mostly fits in with the Screenhead sort-of vibe of “this is cool and we’re writing about it for no other reason than that.” I’ve hardly scratched the surface there, but its backstory is what brought me there.

Two of the band members in Ben Folds’ latest band are playing shows by night and writing for a site called www.Drivl.com by day. These guys are Lindsay Jamieson, the drummer, and Jared Reynolds, the bass player. When they’re not on stage, they sit backstage or on their tour bus online writing, editing and creating. These guys helped to create Drivl as a place for opinionated people like them to gather online and express themselves.

Awesome. Thanks, Jessica!