DRAMA ON DECATUR: Portugal. The Man Drummer Quits, Band Plays On

It sounds like drummer Jason Secrist had a particularly bad case of the Mondays tonight. Word from our man on the scene is that the band got into an argument on-stage, Secrist walked off stage and may or may not have quit the band altogether, the band returned to the stage, apologized profusely and played mostly-acoustic songs with the drummer from opening band The Lonely Forest – including performances of The Beatles “Helter Skelter” and “Hey Jude.” Not your average Monday show.

MyNameIsJohnMichael was in attendence and praised the band’s resilience via Twitter:

Much applause should go to @portugaltheman. They could’ve walked away and didn’t. Resilience, folks, it’s an admirable trait. Gotta love a band that doesn’t give up even when s*** hits the fan.

Barryfest was also in the house, and had this to say:

pretty sure we witnessed a seminal moment in the history of @portugaltheman and just kinda jammed away because they rule

Apparently not-too-frazzled, the band was able to enjoy Duck Confit after the show. Not bad for tour catering.