The all-New Orleans collaboration known as (, , & ) announced this week a December West Coast tour of a few of California’s NOLA music hotspots. But before they set out on the run, they will be hunkering down in Tipitina’s for a Friday night funk-out to appease both their biggest fans and those of us who just can’t seem to make the Tuesday night thing in May. For those of you not familiar with , they have been holding down a spectacular gig at on the Tuesday in between weekends for the last couple of years and have become a sort of pop-up supergroup of the New Orleans music scene (with and Jamcruise as their phonebooth). They are a mix of ‘s rock solid rhythm section, the smooth organ-funk of , and the Gulf Coast-meets-California country-soul of (the tie that binds NOLA to the left coast) – making for one of my absolute favorite side projects in the city and one helluva show.