Downloads from Wolfgang’s Vault Now Open

wolfgangsvault.jpgBillboard is reporting that Wolfgang’s Vault has struck a deal with Universal Music Group that will allow a selection of archived concert recordings to be sold digitally for a fairly reasonable price: $9.98 for any concert longer than 30 minutes, $5.98 for shorter sets. All of the concerts will still be available for streaming.

Nearly 500 vintage concert recordings from Fleetwood Mac, the Kinks, Santana and Billy Joel are now available for download purchase through a new arrangement between Wolfgang’s Vault and Universal Music Group.

I’m glad to see that the archives won’t really be going to waste. For some folks that saw some of these concerts back in the day, how cool is it that they can now purchase the show to help regain that memory. In a way, I wish that I could have more of a record of my concert going experience nowadays that I’m catching bands in clubs that aren’t necessarily recording their own sets. One of the thrills of getting close to the jamband scene was the realization that you could probably find a recording of what you were witnessing in some short time after the show. You can find a torrent of the show you saw, download it, rip it to mp3 and load it on your iPod, and you can seriously relive all of the memories and thoughts that occurred to you as you were at the concert. I love that.

Wolfgang’s Vault Opens For Downloading []