I’m behind on my homework because I’m really locking in on the solid highlights from the triumphant Summer Tour. If you want my highlights from the Greek, go check out our latest podcast. If you want some highlights from the summer in one 80 minute DJ mix, then head over to Coventry Music for a new mix courtesy of Hal Masa from Tokyo. Konichiwa, bitches.

Last October the LOST/ tshirts went international when I shipped a shirt to Tokyo. Turns out Hal Masa from Tokyo not only has some great taste in tshirts, but also knows how to use a mixer. I got an email from him the other day this mix attached. Its 1 hour 20 minutes of nothing but bad ass jams from summer 2010 and flows seamlessly. There are no tracks, but here is the flow:

Carini ( mothership jam) >
2001 ( Meriweather)>
Simple Jam (Greek)>
Reba Jam>
Hood Jam>
Open and Melt Jam

He forgot about “Cities.” Download and dive in.

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