mbvThe over twenty year-wait hardcore fans of have patiently endured for a new by the seminal band is now over, as recent promises by Kevin Shields have turned to a reality via a surprise midnight release announcement. On this Groundhog Day two thousand and thirteen, MBV returns with their first new (titled mbv) in over two decades, the follow-up to 1991′s groundbreaking Loveless. The album is currently available to download on the band’s website, but you can probably expect to continue seeing one of these for a little while until the initial overload in traffic tides down a bit.

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As is always the case with band’s formed before (and largely absent since) the proliferation of such things as TheFacebook.com, it’s always to think about these older bands using these handy internetting new tools to make major . With the simple announcement: “The album is now live on www.mybloodyvalentine.org,” the band appears to have crippled it’s own home page beyond any kind of quick repair and dented some sort of gaping hole in the interweb/buzz sphere.

Also, if you’d like to help seek executive action and fulfill your civic duty, you can sign the petition already started on whitehouse.gov to make the website work again.

Either way, this is even more exciting recent reunion news to throw on the pile with the respective returns of , , the recent collab and all that goodness coming from the Players reunion.

Feedback is back.

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