Download: STS9’s PA Set Opening for Jay-Z


I had no idea how timely this post was yesterday, but apparently STS9 was thinking on the same level when they put out their latest podcast last night. It’s the full, soundboard PA set that the band did when opening for Jay-Z at the Pepsi Center, and it sounds awesome.

podcast :: live (pa) from the pepsi center []

This past March STS9 had the honor of sharing the stage with JAY-Z at Denver, Colorado’s Pepsi Center in March of 2010. Here you will find the first ever SBD release of an STS9 LIVE PA SET, in it’s entirety, and for free to share with the world! We thought it would be a the perfect way to put the final stamp on an amazing evening of seeing 13,000 strong feeling the energy of STS9 in one of the country’s premier arenas. We hope you enjoy!

This is the stuff that Dude House dreams are made of.