Download Radiohead Live from Hollywood

Hidden Track is offering up high-quality mp3’s (320kbps) and flac’s from Radiohead’s two-night run in Hollywood.

Our good friend Scott Gordon taped Radiohead’s mind-blowing performances at the Hollywood Bowl on August 24 and 25 and has given us the go ahead to share them with our loyal readers. We’ve uploaded the tracks to Imeem for those of you who want to stream, but we’ve also got FLAC and 320kbps MP3 downloads for those of you who want to add these stellar recordings to your collection

You’ll notice that this was right before the end of their tour, which NPR is offering up for stream and download. It’s pretty safe to say it was a good year to be a Radiohead fan, one distinction I’m now proud to wear on my sleeve. I can say I didn’t really get it before and I wouldn’t be lying, but having see them twice now and having finally gotten that emotional connection to an album (In Rainbows first, now everything), I get it now. It feels like I’m finally part of the club.