Phish Friday: Download Live From the Archives No. 14

I have to post this one, not just because of the obvious reason (that it’s more great live Phish), but because it comes to us courtesy of Dan, the owner of Eppie’s restaurant in downtown Charlottesville, where I actually used to live just a few months ago. Check it out:

“Dan, the proprietor of Eppie’s on the Downtown Mall, is a huge Phish fan. If you are in the great city of Charlottesville, VA, swing by, say hello, and thank him for supporting the pages of the entire Phish Fest8 run.”

Download: Phish “Live From the Archives” #14

Also, just in case you missed it, we posted a link to download the band’s Festival 8 soundcheck, which very quickly made its way around the Internets last night.

Thanks to TMWSIY for the link above.