DOWNLOAD: Lotus does Post-Rock

Our buddies in Lotus just put up a free recording for you to download from a pretty cool set the band did a few years back. I had always known that the band was dabbling heavy into the post-rock side of things with their unique approach to livetronica, but they finally acknowledged it as much as you’d ever hope to see out of one of your favorite bands. They took a set full of their favorite post-rock tunes and decided to cover them for a select audience.

Here’s the info from their Facebook page:

‎2 years ago Lotus performed a special post-rock focused set in a tiny venue in Chicago to about 300 people covering tracks by Tortoise, Trans Am and This Will Destroy You as well as Lotus originals. Once again this is free to download for a limited time.

From the Bandcamp download page:

Lotus did a special set on 2.22.2010 for an intimate audience in Chicago, IL focusing exclusively on Post-Rock. Included were three covers from Tortoise, This Will Destroy You, and Trans-Am, and six Lotus originals.

released 17 March 2010
recorded by Evan Bates. mixed by Luke Miller. photos by Brad Johnson, Chad Smith, and Cory Jackafunk