My Morning Jacket @ Austin Music Hall, SXSW 2008 - 'Golden'

— aka from My Morning Jacket — recently did a one-off Valentine’s Day show in Louisville called “Louisville is for Lovers; An Affair to Remember.” Some audience recordings have started circulating. Check it out:

VBR Mp3s via mediafure | FLAC Bitorrent via etree


February 14, 2010
Louisville is for Lovers; An Affair to Remember
Rathskeller at Seelbach Hotel
Louisville, KY

1. I Will Be There When You Die*
2. Only Have Eyes For You*
3. Just The Two Of Us*
4. Tonight I Want To Celebrate You
5. Wonderful (the Way I Feel)
6. Hopefully
7. Bermuda Highway
8. The Right Place
9. Look At You
10. His Master’s Voice
11. Wonderful Man ->
12. Blue Moon
13. Take My Breath Away
14. It Beats 4 U
15. Sweetheart ->
16. Knot Comes Loose
17. True Love Ways
18. Good Morning Dove ->
19. Smokin From Shootin
21. Anytime

* Bootsie Anne

Check our Pure Amber’s photo set for some shots of the event.

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