Some kind fellow has already uploaded the Animal Collective show from the Great American to the Internet Archive, and the sound is pretty good for an audience source so it’s a good new download for your iPod if you want to hear the latest and greatest from the band. It should give everyone a sense of what sort of sounds the band is experimenting with for their new album (when and if that should happen) and what type of set they’ll be playing for the Coachella crowd.

Animal Collective Live at Great American Music Hall on 2011-04-13 (April 13, 2011) [Internet Archive]

Collection: AnimalCollective
Band/Artist: Animal Collective
Date: April 13, 2011 (check for other copies)
Venue: Great American Music Hall
Location: San Francisco CA

Source: AT822 -> SD722 (24/44.1)
Lineage: SD722 > Mac > FLACs

01. [new song 1]
02. [new song 2]
03. Did You See The Words
04. [new song 3]
05. [new song 4]
06. [new song 5]
07. Brother Sport
08. [new song 6]
09. [new song 7]
10. [new song 8]
11. We Tigers
12. Summertime Clothes
13. [new song 9]
14. [new song 10]

The band plays the main stage at Coachella tonight at 9:45pm.