On Friday, August 8th the lands back in .

It’s been since 2007 when threw his first Block party. (aka Tom Pentz) a fellow Temple Owl decided to throw a block party, a tradition heralded deep in the blood of ns. He closed down a block, dragged out a massive set of speakers, invited plenty of friends, added drinks and shenanigan’s and BOOM – the was born. These home-spun block parties erupted and by 2010 the tradition spread across the country growing into what it is today. Watch this recap video to get a taste:

Then lace-up your best kicks, grab a Wiz with at Ishkabibble’s, a cherry water ice at Rita’s and head on over to the Pier at Penn’s Landing @ 3:00 PM August 8th to see , , , DJ Sega, , , Mike Taylor, Swizzymack and Vic Mensa at the 2014 .

For and more details visit http://www.maddecentblockparty.com/