Donald Glover was teasing a new release a week back but pulled the website that was streaming the album, but last night at midnight the new LP was officially released nationally. He’s calling the LP, 3.15.20, his first full-length release under his new Wolf+Rothstein imprint with RCA Records.

You can stream it for free via his new website, and the album is available on all digital streaming platforms under his old proto-funk hip-hop moniker Childish Gambino.

To promote a communal vibe, fans across the globe can experience the album simultaneously at for a limited time.

The album contains 12 tracks with appearances by Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and Khadja Bonet.

3.15.20 Track List:

01 0.00
02 Algorhythm
03 Time
04 12.38
05 19.10
06 24.19
07 32.22
08 35.31
09 39.28
10 42.26
11 47.48
12 53.49

Stream it here or below…