I basically stopped reading and interacting with the folks on Phantasy Tour a long time ago, and it’s with a heavy hand that I navigate my way over to those message boards to “check in” with the Phish online chatter scene and what cool stuff might be getting shared between the frequenters. I actually hate it. The derogatory and inflammatory nature of more than half the posts is problem enough, but the whole notion of how to build discussions is hardly ever through positive reinforcement. The entire stink of the board just continually makes me navigate elsewhere, and I think I’m going to make an effort to take what we’d call the “PT” side of the community and ask them to kindly go and find themselves a life outside of online trolling and general negativity. It’s bumming me out, man.

And today’s most obvious example of what I dislike the most definitely left me feeling that same general emotion that stays with me after I read PT for more than three seconds…

F*** Our Face For Once: An Open Letter To Phish [Concert Confessions]

Dear Phish,

On behalf of your West Coast fans, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my rotten heart for once again dicking us over. I get it, you have families, you want the easy paycheck, but for the love of God would it kill you to give the West Coast a little love? If my count is right, at the end of this fall tour, Phish Version 3.0 will have played 125 shows. Of those 125 shows, only 9 were held within the Pacific Time Zone. Of those 9 shows, 5 were in locations that were at least 2+ hours from a major airport, 3 (and the only known shows in the PST in 2010) were in a venue that holds under 10,000 people leaving many West Coast fans shut out (but hey, at least all those trust fund phans from back east were able to come out and enjoy the left coast) and then we had 1 show mid-week last summer leaving us non Bay Area fans who work for a living out in the cold.

Sigh. Move to the East Coast, please. KTHXBAI.