Lamenting why 311 Studio vs. 311 Live is probably way too different to enjoy both at the same time

Is it just me, or is 311 a very strange band to listen to sometimes? To switch from rap to reggae to dub to rock just usually doesn’t make sense, but they can usually pull it off.

I used to love 311 in high school. LOVE. Their drummer, Chad Sexton, is amazing. Their bassist, P-Nut, is slap-happy and accomplished. Their lead guitarist, Tim Mahoney, is amazingly heady and crunchy. But, I’m quite unsure about the other two, namely Nick Hexum and SA Martinez, are very problematic to my ears. How could the rest of the band sound so heady while these two guys are rapping about this nonsense:

“…While we’re on the road, P-Nut rolls it up. Throw me the joint onstage, what’s up!”

I could really list out a million examples here.

But, I’ve never seen 311 live. Why not? I don’t know. So, can anyone speak of the validity of their live concerts and if they alone have the power to trump 311’s cheesy rapping?