Disco Biscuits: New Year’s Eve run NYC -> Chicago

Disco Biscuits @ Bank of America Pavilion, Boston 9/11/10

Get planning on your NYE folks!

The rumors already started hitting my texts last night with thoughts that Phish may be at MSG for a two-night NYE run with potentially a few other dates ahead of that, but not everyone’s going to be in NYC or wanting to travel around those dates. Or maybe they’ll have some pre-NYE competition (duh) with the likes of some other pioneers of a side of this scene known as Disco Biscuits, who were smart and got their NYE show announced early.

Like ’em or hate ’em (or diss on their vocals), but you can’t deny that they’re a force within the scene for years and they continue to build towards a strong finish in 2011 with the recent release of their studio album, Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens. I really dig a bunch of the tracks on the new release and I loved how they released it guerilla style at Camp Bisco.

To celebrate the close of the year, the band is playing their two-night run for New Year’s at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre after a three-night run in NYC at Best Buy Theater. Tickets go on pre-sale for both sets of shows tomorrow.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be performing at Chicago’s legendary Auditorium Theatre on December 30th and 31st. It was time for us to mix it up, and we had such a blast playing the Auditorium over Halloween ’09 that we knew it was time to come back. The pre-sale will start at discobiscuits.com this coming Wednesday, September 7th, at 11 Eastern/10 Central. We will also be announcing some great support in the coming days. Join us in the Windy City for what promises to be an amazing weekend.

Of course, we could not leave the Northeast out! To get the New Year’s run rolling, we will be returning to our favorite Times Square venue, the Best Buy Theater, for 3 nights – December 26, 27 and 28. Pre-sale tickets for New York will go on sale on at discobiscuits.com Wednesday, September 7th at 11 Eastern/10 Central.