The are gearing up for a big weekend at and to celebrate they’re dropping a ton of new pro-shot videos on their YouTube channel to count down to the festival.

Check out the jams below…

First up is the Bisco classic then a transition into the jam “Tribulations”.

Shem-Ra Boo } Tribulations - 7/13/2018 - , Montage Mountain, PA

For those that “like” to party, this next track is meant for you…

We Like To Party } Helicopters - The - 7/14/2018 - Camp Bisco, Montage Mountain, PA

Here’s “Voices Insane > Ladies > Munchkin” from 2017…

Voices Insane } Ladies } Munchkin Invasion - The Disco Biscuits - 7.14.17 Camp Bisco, PA

The classic Bisco “song” about missing home and being on the road for too long.

Home Again - The Disco Biscuits - 7.13.17 Camp Bisco, PA

Here’s the latest one to get dropped:

Song } Helix - The Disco Biscuits - 7.15.17 Camp Bisco, PA

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